5 Top Home Renovations

Thursday Jan 24th, 2019


Whether you're selling your home or just moved in, there is value in knowing what renovations will get you the most bang for your buck!

1. Exterior

FIRST IMPRESSION is huge! Especially for resale. Landscaping, fresh paint or siding, upgraded exterior doors, outdoor living areas & covered porches are on the must have list!

2. Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of your home! People love a functional & open-concept layout. A kitchen with an abundance of storage is sure to appeal to many people. 

3. Bathroom

Bathroom reno's can get quite expensive so you have to be careful to not get too carried away on this one. A reason a bathroom renovation can yield a ROI is that buyers like NEW, and a new bathroom is appealing. Neutral ambiance, good lighting & storage are important!

4. Flooring 

Remove that carpet! Fresh flooring wither laminate or hardwood makes a huge difference. It opens up a space, makes it look cleaner & more fresh. Re-finishing existing hardwood can often do the trick too!

5. Secondary Suites

This one is a money maker! It benefits you if you're planning to stay a while and it is beneficial for resale. Whether the owner plans to rent it out for extra income or utilize it as an in-law suite! An extra living space is always a good idea !


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