#HOMEBUYERS Tips for a successful flip

Tuesday Nov 12th, 2019


Admit it – no matter how home renovation-averse you are, at some point you’ve probably considered flipping a house. HGTV makes it look so easy – buy a fixer-upper, throw a little money at it and voila – you’ve just made $50,000. Of course the reality of flipping houses for profit isn’t quite as simple as ‘reality TV’ would like to make us believe. We’ve worked with contractors and renovators since our early days in real estate,... [read more]

The Arthritis Society- WALK WITH US!

Tuesday May 28th, 2019


On Sunday June 2nd I am taking part in the Walk For Arthritis for TEAM HAYLEE at McMaster University   As the prevalence of arthritis increases, so does the demand for investment into cutting-edge research, please support by clicking below! My beautiful, strong & courageous best friend Haylee Robyn has been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis for a few years now, It's a silent disease and if you met her you would have no idea! There is NO cure for arthritis but... [read more]


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