Prevent theft this winter at your cottage

Tuesday Sep 12th, 2017


Prevent theft this winter at your cottage 


Cottage owners: the summer is almost behind us for another year and it's time to start thinking about closing up the cottage for the winter. It isn't just the elements you need to protect your cottage from during the off-season. Some would-be thieves target cottage country, knowing that many beautiful properties are sitting empty in secluded areas. Deter burglars with these tips.

1. Lock windows or board them and safely secure all entry points. Pay close attention to patio doors (use a security bar) and beef up your deadbolt and entry doors if they haven't been replaced in decades.

2. Remove all valuable possessions from your cottage. Prepare for the worst - do not keep jewelry, pricey electronics, family heirlooms or expensive artwork in your cottage during the off-season.

3. Turn to any neighbours who remain up north all year long and ask them to keep an eye on your property and do a closer inspection every so often.

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