Spring Cleaning!

Wednesday Apr 03rd, 2019


Spring Cleaning!

There is nothing better than a fresh clean home when the sun starts shining! In between seasons is my favourite time to deep clean, It is so satisfying to  breathe some life into your home after a long winter season!


  • Clear out any lingering winter boots and mittens, put bulky winter items such as jackets away in the basement or storage. 


  • Reshuffle your cabinets to move less frequently used items and entertaining supplies to the least-accessible areas, and your everyday basics within easy reach.
  • Empty out the fridge, check the expiry of items & dispose of old condiments
  • Have a nook in your kitchen for all of your morning necessities. If you religiously make a coffee or tea every morning. Make sure these items are organized and handy.


  • Wash all bedding & deodorize mattress & flip mattress. Clean out your closet & sell or donate clothes that you no longer wear.


  • Wipe down & sanitize all surfaces including shower curtain
  • Clean shower head, drains & tile grout


  • Dust & wipe down all baseboards throughout your home.
  • Vacuum/ sweep/ mop all floors
  • Touch up paint and trim if it's needed. 
  • When the weather allows... open up the windows to air out your home and let the natural light & fresh air  in 
  • Sort through your junk drawers & dispose of anything you haven't used in 6 + months 

A clean home is a happy home! 

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