The importance of good lighting

Monday Oct 23rd, 2017


If you're thinking of selling or are simply trying to create a cozy ambiance in your brand new home, lighting is an important factor to consider. Lighting, or lack thereof, has the power to affect the mood and atmosphere of any given space.

A good home lighting strategy begins outside. Smart outdoor lighting is your first opportunity to wow potential buyers and houseguests. Greeting them the moment they arrive, strategically placed lights create a safe, lavish feel. If you have a showing or open house scheduled, real estate agents recommend turning on all outdoor lights to welcome potential buyers.  

Once inside, natural light filtering in from a clean window is the optimal source for illumination, so avoid heavy drapes and curtains that prohibit light from entering your home. When the sunlight starts to wane, you'll need to rely on your artificial light sources. Did you know that there are three types? 

First, ambient lighting is the general illumination that fills your home. Producing an overall brightness, it does not draw attention to itself - ambient lighting blends into its surroundings. Next, there's task lighting and it's just as it sounds. Additional lighting is cleverly placed in spots where you will need more illumination, i.e. over kitchen counters, in reading nooks and in home offices. Pendant lights, under cabinet lights, floor and table lamps are all considered task lighting. Finally, accent lighting is used to feature architecture and art around the home. You may see it in built-in alcoves or over a large piece of artwork. 

If you're interested in updating the lighting in your home, you're in luck. Lighting has come a long way in the past few years, with more energy efficient innovations available to discerning homeowners. Today's LED lights use 75% less power and last 25 times longer than the inefficient incandescent light bulb that has dominated the market for decades. Industrial style lighting fixtures are proving to be super trendy in 2017. Another buzzword you may hear in researching your options is "RLM lighting". In short, these are fixtures that are designed to project light downward, often in a classic "gooseneck" style.

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